Increase efficiency

Cut investment costs

The high thermal efficiency of Alfa Laval compact heat exchangers makes it possible to cut investment costs for heat exchangers, installations and utility systems.

Lower costs for heat exchangers

A compact heat exchanger has a much smaller heat transfer area than a corresponding shell-and-tube. This means less material is required to build the unit, having a positive effect on price when exotic materials such as special alloys or titanium are required.

Lower installation costs

Using compact heat exchangers instead of shell-and-tubes can cut installation costs considerably when expanding plant capacity. The required foundations are much smaller for compact heat exchangers which are easy to fit into existing structures thanks to their compact nature.

Lower costs for utility systems

Before investing in new utility systems for heating and cooling, investigate if you can achieve the same results by increasing heat recovery instead. Recovering more energy in the process often leads to reduced heating and cooling needs. Switching to compact heat exchangers may very well mean production can be increased without expanding the capacity of the utility systems.