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Alfa Laval Cooling Pod (TM) is a-plug-and-play cooling solution for edge data centers. It uses Alfa Laval’s energy-efficient air-cooled heat exchanger technology to keep the temperature of the servers down. The modular, containerized design maximizes flexibility, allowing users to move their data centers or add additional cooling pods if requirements change.

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Minimal latency. Maximum flexibility.

  • 20’ containerized cooling solution ideal for edge data centers
  • Up and running quickly – comes with all the components needed to deliver cooling already installed and tested
  • No water source needed
  • VFD controls option available for precise temperature control while minimizing electrical usage
  • Available in 500 kW and 1 MW versions for single or dual loop cooling for direct-to-chip or immersion cooling

Cooling pod with data container

Making edge computing more efficient

Cooling is one of the main challenges of edge data centers. The Cooling Pod provides a plug-and-play solution that doesn’t rely on water to cool. Its modular design maximizes flexibility, allowing data center operators to place computing hardware close to the client for minimal latency and/or as a back-up for big data centers


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Designed for sustainable cooling

The Cooling Pod is equipped with Alfa Laval finned tube air heat exchangers and is built for reliable operation, year in and year out, in the most demanding applications. We have supplied air-cooled heat exchangers for several applications for over 50 years, and we know what it takes to ensure high uptime. And thanks to their flexible designs, we can configure your Cooling Pod to match your wide range of operating conditions, ensuring reliable operation, low operating costs and high performance.

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Our data center cooling solutions

Energy-efficient cooling is critical to building more sustainable data center operations. Alfa Laval has been a trusted partner to the IT industry for decades, working with customers to design reliable, environmentally friendly data center cooling systems. With 80+ years’ experience in thermal technology, we offer expertise to enable new opportunities for free cooling and energy savings in server rooms of all sizes, all around the globe.


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