OLMI Syntesis Loop Gas Boiler

Alfa Laval Olmi synthesis loop boilers effectively cool effluent gas from the ammonia converter, recovering and reusing waste heat to produce medium- to high-pressure steam for use by the steam turbines. Custom-built to last, these boilers easily handle high temperatures and high pressures.

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Optimizing your ammonia synthesis loop with Olmi process gas boilers

Advanced welding and production technology, optimal choice of materials provide high performance and stable operation. Extremely versatile, these synloop boilers come in horizontal and vertical arrangements to suit your needs.

Alfa Laval Olmi synloop boilers effectively cool effluent gas from the ammonia converter, recovering and reusing waste heat to produce medium to high pressure steam for use by the steam turbines.

For high temperature and high pressure applications such as ammonia synthesis in mind, let Alfa Laval Olmi process gas boilers do the job.

Easily handles high temperatures and high pressures

Engineered for challenging, highly complex processes, our custom-made ammonia synloop boilers are capable of withstanding gas operating temperatures above 400°C and pressures of 15 MPa or more. These boilers easily handle hot reactor effluent gases with high hydrogen and nitrogen content.

Built to last

To ensure quality, reliability and durability, Alfa Laval designs, builds, welds and tests all Olmi synthesis loop gas boilers so that each and every one meets your exact process requirements.

Versatile configuration

Ammonia plants are generally large, yet still come in different shapes and sizes. It is therefore important to make sure that, whether in a horizontal or vertical arrangement, Olmi ammonia synloop boilers can easily be integrated into any plant.

Whatever the configuration, Alfa Laval Olmi synloop gas boilers are widely recognized around the globe for reliability, durability and quality when operating under extreme conditions.

Horizontal layout

The arrangement of choice for some process licensors, horizontal synloop boilers can be either a kettle-type (DKU) or a drum-type boiler system. 

Vertical layout

Optimized with a smaller footprint, Olmi vertical arrangement boilers usually have a U-tube bundle (DEU) with the tubesheet located at the bottom and a steam/water chamber located at the top of the shell. This layout is typically adopted by licensor ThyssenKrupp Uhde Industrial Solutions (TKIS) GmbH for which Alfa Laval is an approved supplier.


Tube bundle of a synthesis loop process gas boiler

Horizontal layout


Vertical layout