HYAC hybrid air coolers

Combining traditional air cooling and closed-loop evaporative cooling, Alfa Laval hybrid air coolers (HYAC) offer reliable and effective cooling for a range of industrial applications. By switching cooling modes to match the natural temperature cycles of the ambient air, an Alfa Laval HYAC takes advantage of the cooling possibilities offered by nature on any given day to optimize water and electricity consumption, while maximizing cooling capacity.

Alfa Laval HYAC hybrid air cooler single zone

Built for sustainability and performance

  • Fully customized to your operating conditions and requirements
  • Robust, industrial-grade equipment with outstanding performance over time
  • Exceptional cooling performance and minimal water consumption
  • Compact size, making it possible to upgrade cooling capacity even where available space is limited
  • Low energy consumption

Alfa Laval HYAC systems offer compact and sustainable cooling for plants requiring high cooling capacity and low water consumption. A robust and straightforward design ensures stable operation for many decades and minimal maintenance, keeping total cost of ownership low.

These systems are ideal for liquid and gas cooling, as well as condensing duties, in industries such as oil & gas, refinery, petrochemicalssteel, pulp & paper, thermal power and renewable power.

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Optimize your cooling system

Watch our webinar from June 22 and learn how Alfa Laval’s new HYAC hybrid air coolers can help boost capacity in your cooling system while keeping water and power consumption at a minimum.

  • Increase cooling capacity
  • Minimize water and power consumption
  • Save plot space
  • Ensure reliable operation in tough applications

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Optimize water usage, maximize cooling

All Alfa Laval HYAC systems are engineered to order and fully customized to fit your performance requirements and operating conditions perfectly.

Alfa Laval HYAC is available in two different models: Single Zone (SZ) and Dual Zone (DZ).


Learn more about the HYAC models

Alfa Laval HYAC hybrid air cooler single zone

How it works

How do HYAC hybrid air coolers work? Learn about the working principles and design of both the HYAC Single Zone and Dual Zone and watch explanatory animations.

Exploded view of an Alfa Laval hybrid air cooler

3 configurations

Alfa Laval HYAC systems are available in three different configurations with different capacity spans. All three configurations can be used for cooling fluids and gases, as well as condensing

Alfa Laval HYAC Dual Zone field-erected hybrid air cooler

Choose the right solution

Not sure which air cooled heat exchanger is the right solution for you? Let us guide you through the different options.

Engineer outside wet surface air cooler system

Unique features


Combined wet and dry bulb cooling for minimized water consumption.

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Maximum cooling efficiency and lowest possible output temperature.

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A WSAC can operate on recycled water of low quality such as blowdown water.

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