Foodec Oil Plus

Alfa Laval Foodec Oil Plus decanters are ideal for extracting oil in processes such as fish rendering, meat, and poultry processes. With its innovative design, Oil Plus decanters efficiently achieves maximum extraction of valuable oil, ensuring maximal utilization of raw material. It is easy to operate and maintain, giving you minimal payback time and total cost of ownership. Available a standalone component or a plug-and-play skid, that can easily integrate into your current plant and process.

Recover every drop of value

  • Long retention time, maximizing oil extraction
  • The extracted oil has oil purity close to 100% that it requires minimal further processing
  • Low total cost thanks to low energy consumption and maintenance costs, resulting in short pay-off time – often less than 1 year
  • Available as a plug-and-play skid
  • Minimal change in your process, you only add a new component


Test unit moduel for Prodec Oil Plus

How it works

The incoming feed is effectively separated into oil and wet solids. To do this, the product is sent into a rotating bowl through a tube and accelerated by a rotor. Inside the bowl, a special screw conveyor helps efficiently separate the oil. This is done by using centrifugal force, which makes the lighter oil rise to the top while the heavier solids sink to the bowl's inner wall. Throughout the cylindrical part of the bowl, the oil is continuously extracted. 

Foodec Oil Plus decanter centrifuges are very robust with regard to varying flow conditions and are able to deal with high levels of solids in the feed as well as high fluctuations in oil content – with no need for operator’s intervention. They are very easy to operate, and clean using flushing/CIP programs. The oil obtained is exceptionally clean, with very little further processing required. 

Fish processing

In wet rendering processes for fish, the addition of a Foodec Oil Plus decanter can boost the oil extraction rate by as much as 3%. This not only increases the revenue from the oil fraction, but also raises the market value of the protein due to the lower fat content. As an added benefit, the extracted oil is so clear that further processing in a high-speed separator can be kept to a minimum.

fish silage processing 640x360


定期維護保養對臥式離心機Foodec的運轉效能與衛生安全,極其重要。依據產線運轉時間、原料類型、製程溫度、循環清洗(CIP)次數等,Alfa Laval建議:

  1. 至少每4~6個月檢查一次臥式離心機
  2. 至少每年做一次年度保養服務

依設備狀況,Alfa Laval專業的售後服務工程師可在現場,或是Alfa Laval技術服務中心執行點檢與維修服務工作。但轉鼓與螺旋傳動軸的維修保養,因工序專業需求與複雜度考量,需在Alfa Laval技術服務中心內完成。

隨著數位技術日益增進,遠端技術支援與設備監測服務等互聯服務,可延長設備維修保養間隔。建議您可將互聯服務納入服務合約(Service Agreement),為您的設備打造客製化服務方案。