Top ten tips for membrane solutions

How to keep your membrane solution in tip top condition

  1. Plan maintenance intervals and use genuine Alfa Laval membranes and parts
  2. Secure data logging of the plant to identify trends and areas for improvement
  3. Ensure sufficient pre-treatment of the feed to be processed
  4. Keep the membranes moist and add a preservative solution during shutdowns
  5. Ensure that operating conditions remain within the recommended limits of the membranes
  6. Avoid permeate back-pressure and any abrupt cross-flow, pressure, or temperature variations
  7. Minimize the increase of operating pressure for MF and UF, to avoid premature fouling
  8. Start Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) based on low capacity or high pressure thresholds; monitor CIP efficiency (water flux)
  9. To save chemicals and water, check the condition and dosing of cleaning agents
  10.  To help boost output and quality, consider plant audits by Alfa Laval experts


What is membrane filtration ?

Alfa Laval spiral membrane for membrane filtration

What is membrane filtration? How does it work? What are its applications and advantages? Our specialists give answers to these questions in details.

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