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Reconditioning includes pre-cleaning inspection, removal of gaskets, cleaning as necessary, crack detection, and reassembly with new gaskets as well as our recommendations for other service measures. Additional services can also be provided, such as pressure testing and replacement of defective plates.

Your benefits 

  • Proven procedures that follow the highest quality and health regulations
  • Only original spare parts used
  • All chemicals and processes are environmentally sound
  • Safe and efficient operation and maximum product lifetime


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AllBrands - Service reconditioning

Allbrands, Alfa Laval’s AllBrands heat exchanger reconditioning restores your plate heat exchangers (PHE) to their former condition. The Alfa Laval name means service, quality and experience resulting in a longer life for your heat exchangers, whatever the brand.

AllBrands - Service reconditioning for all brands

How to maintain a spiral heat exchanger

A spiral heat exchanger has two concentric, countercurrent spiral channels, one for each fluid. The curving channels provide extremely efficient heat transfer and good flow conditions for a wide variety of fluids. The design is particularly suitable for use with fouling, fibrous, viscous and coarse fluids.

How to maintain a spiral heat exchanger

How to maintain a Compabloc heat exchanger

Compabloc is a breakthrough plate heat exchanger design that combines several major process advantages in one compact unit. The all-welded plate pack eliminates gaskets between plates, which makes it possible to operate with a wide range of aggressive media, high temperatures and high pressures.

How to maintain a Compabloc heat exchanger

Case stories

How to avoid corrosion and cracking of plates. The negative effects of using non Alfa Laval adhesives.

 How to avoid corrosion and cracking plates



Cracking up under strain. How to avoid the effects of non-genuine parts and wrong cleaning.

Cracking up under strain