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Deballast without delay in US waters

Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 lets you deballast without delay in USCG-regulated waters


阿法拉伐 PureBallast 3

純淨的信心 - 在所有水域

阿法拉伐 PureBallast 3 是第三代領先的壓載水處理技術 — 也是第一個可以進行 G8 改裝的解決方案​。 由美國海岸警衛隊和 IMO 進行了型式認可,它可在最具挑戰性的水域提供無與倫比的效能。 迄今為止已售出 2400 多套 PureBallast 系統,其中包括數百套改裝系統。

節能高效的 PureBallast 3 在所有水域都具有卓越的效能:淡水、鹹水和海水。 它也是適合低透明度水的理想系統,能夠在全流量下操作,紫外線透射率低至 42%。

此外,阿法拉伐 PureBallast 3 擁有精心準備的供應商的支援。 大規模的生產資源、強大的合作夥伴關係和完善的服務使阿法拉伐成為壓載水處理的自信選擇。


壓載水處理就是為了保護環境。 但是,獲得壓載水處理系統完全取決於您的需求:能夠順利航行、及時交付並履行對客戶的義務。

阿法拉伐擁有完整的方法來滿足您的需求 — 現在以及在船舶的整個使用壽命中。

PureBallast Family


Latest News

Bulk carriers can now benefit from an Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 bulker-fit configuration, which is specifically adapted to their flow needs. The bulker-fit configuration offers savings in footprint, installation, OPEX and especially CAPEX, yet it retains the high performance, easy operation and global service coverage PureBallast 3 is known for.

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PureBallast 3 is a well-established success in the MSC fleet

“This is what we were expecting when we chose Alfa Laval,” Russo says. “We know that whatever they promise, they make it come true.”

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Stay updated on ballast water treatment with our PureBallast newsletter.

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Solutions for tankers

Being specialized for the transport of liquid cargo, tankers often lack a pump room and face highly specific challenges when it comes to installing and operating a ballast water treatment system. PureBallast 3 offers solutions.

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Solutions for bulkers

Not only do bulkers differ from each other in size and operating profile, their own ballast water flows may differ between loading and unloading. PureBallast 3 offers the high flexibility to meet any bulker demand.

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Select an approved system

Use our selection guide to find the right type-approved ballast water treatment system for your sailing profile.

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Everything you need to know

Take advantage of our decade of experience with resources covering every aspect of ballast water management.

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您選擇的壓載水處理系統是未來的選擇。 除了確保順利改裝外,阿法拉伐還提供服務解決方案,以保障您的系統效能和長期價值。

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